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Creating an equitable organization built on inclusive values must be designed strategically and support the outcomes of your business. Companies are realizing that although training and education are great, they must be coupled with moving the dial within the infrastructure of the organization.

Using implementation science, we will help you build or enhance an EDI platform that will help your organization become an organization of "Acceptance". This one-year commitment will be steered by using our “C.E.P Model of Acceptance Framework”. The framework focuses on communication, education, and practice. Strategies are developed to help organizations create equal opportunity environments where diverse sets of individuals are empowered to excel.



Drive a culture of Acceptance with Implementation Science consulting

1  Assessment



  1. Book a consultation

  2. Organization EDI assessment

  3. All staff full EDI Acceptance training

  4. Development of EDI action team

  5. Implement EDI pre-employee climate survey

  6. EDI organization report card



 2 Implementation
  1. Development of EDI process map

  2. Development of EDI strategic plan

  3. Three EDI trainings

  4. Development of EDI implementation plan (C.E.P. Model of Acceptance)

  5. Creation of EDI resource support materials

3 Sustainability
  1. Implement EDI post employee  climate survey

  2. EDI organization report card 

  3. Organization EDI policy review

  4. One year quarterly EDI review with Pamoja

  5. Receive the Agency of Acceptance Certificate


How do we improve the state of equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace? 

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Acceptance means not ‘just they're allowed to be there,’ but they are valued. Smart teams will do amazing things, but diverse teams will do the impossible thing.

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