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We provide approachable workshops centered on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Diversity and inclusion can be challenging topics, especially in a corporate setting. It’s crucial for the content to be approachable.

Whether through, keynotes, training, or more intimate workshop settings, Pamoja EDI facilitators know how to frame and deliver our EDI material in a manner that drives excitement, engagement, and organizational buy-in.

Our training model provides a customized and tailor-made experience for each collaboration.

EDI Training and Workshops

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Acceptance, Cultivating an Inclusive Culture 

A full-day EDI immersive training that highlights the struggles of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) while emphasizing the importance within workplace environments

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Teammates, Building Acceptance in the Workplace: Highlights the advantages of cultural competence in the workplace and how it facilitates better outcomes in performance both in and out of the office

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Identifying Your Values: 

 Help participants identify their values and how these values affect the career decisions they will make

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Empowering Women in the Workplace 

Develop interventions that will eliminate the gender gap in compensation, promote work-life integration, build a diverse pipeline, and increase the overall inclusion of women in the workplace

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Generational Intelligence

 Prepare the workplace for changes in the organization's scope and structure by acknowledging generational differences in the approach to work, as well as in expectations for management

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Behind Black Bars

Understanding cultural barriers & increasing cultural awareness of African Americans

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The Poverty Impact

A two-hour educational experience that addresses poverty’s impact on education, behavior, parenting, and equity

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The Business Case for EDI

Help organizations develop principles to maximize EDI efforts that will aid in understanding marketplace demographics, managing costs, and identifying new growth opportunities

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Diversity Recruiting and Retention

Build best practices and innovative techniques to recruit, onboard, develop, include, engage, and retain a diverse workforce

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